Underwear for men.

Underwear for men.

Modern man cannot been indifferent to the choice of his underwear. At present, men's fashion industry offers a grand selection of men’s underwear for every mood and every occasion in life.
Sometimes, we can see  a set of men’s underwear in a special underwear box, which is associated with a Christmas tree, which is kept at home three or more months after Christmas, for some reason.
To avoid any such association, we encourage you to follow our friendly tips when choosing men’s underwear for your wardrobe.
A)    Do not allow your women to buy men’s underwear for you. Currently, women make more than 50% of purchases of men’s underwear, but they have no idea what the shape of the men’s underwear will be comfortable and practical for you. There is one thing enjoyable for women. You will always remember her due to the discomfort experienced in the men’s underwear bought by your women. Please ask yourself, do you need it?
B)    Stop wearing only boxers (underpants) on all occasions. Don't be afraid of boxer-briefs, briefs or trendy trunks (hips).You don't change your sexual orientation wearing them  and your "machismo" does not evaporate. But your laziness that prevents you to pay more careful attention to the choice of your underwear, will tell you "bye bye".

C)    Update your underwear’s wardrobe at least once a year. Your underpants are not made of gold and you do not need to save them.Feel free to throw underwear with appearance of scuffs or holes in trash,even if you are sentimental and have pleasant memories associated with worn panties. You can take photos before discarding it, in extreme cases.

D)    The minimum number of underwear items that must be present in your underwear drawer, should ensure their daily shift, at least. Wearing yesterday's underwear is akin to re-use a condom.

E)     Do not pursue cheap underwear. You are not using the principle, "buy only that, because it is cheaper"when  buying overclothes. So why are some men’s underwear drawers  filled with the same "wild" underpants "grandfather" style for a couple of dollars?

F)     Choose quality and stylish underwear and value it the same way as the rest of your clothes. Moreover, your clothes will always be closer to your body.

G)    Please, remember one thing. Take a look at underwear that kept in underwear drawers and you can always make a clear and correct judgment regarding the owner of this wealth. If you are not boring and miserable, make sure that your underwear is not boring. If you are not poor, your underwear should not be cheap. If you are creative and original, and underwear should be creative and original. If you exercise, then you should be in your sports underwear. You love sex and know how to deal it well, then the presence of the erotic lingerie should be mandatory!
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